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Black Witchburn distillery logo on a yellow background

Forward to the Roots

Witchburn is a new distillery in the time-honored Campbeltown whisky region! True to the motto „Forward to the Roots" we will produce a Scotch Single Malt Whisky with methods from many decades ago. In doing so, we will rely on state-of-the-art engineering to achieve this in a sustainable, carbon-neutral manner and without the use of fossil fuels, making us one of the most modern distilleries in the country.

With Witchburn, we want to do our part to bring the glory days back to Scotland's former whisky capital Campbeltown, when there were more than 30 active distilleries.

The word Witch originally meant folk healers, mostly 'wise woman', using herbs and power of imagination. Previously amongst the most respected people in village life.

The word Burn comes from Scots Gaelic and means a naturally occurring freshwater stream or very small river that flows into a larger river. Frequently used in Scotland to describe a geographic area - 'Burnside', the area next to the burn or 'Northburn fam' - the farm north of the burn.